SunTrust Bank Online Banking Login – Complete Details

How to Login in Sun Trust Bank – SunTrust Bank Online Banking Login: Bank is a major part of our lives as making deposits or transaction have become easy. As an entrepreneur or an employee or may be a home maker, everyone needs money to get secure. The question arises that where to keep money secure and safe? The safest answer is Bank.

Getting occupied in this world makes it tough to go to the bank and make payments, deposit cheques or making transactions among accounts. There is hardly a time to do all this especially when you have to do all that manually. The online services provided by the banks are so relieved that by sitting anywhere in the world with having a good and smooth internet connection makes it a cake walk. We can just login to the bank’s site and do all the process which is required to operate online banking.

SunTrust Bank which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, provides you a convenient internet banking service all over the world. You need to be with your mobile or a laptop to get the benefits. The following article will guide you in an appropriate way to use these services which will save your time as well as the efforts. Moreover, knowing the internet banking or online banking will make your life trouble-free.

SunTrust Bank which has now merged with BB&T and now named as trust provide the customers with checking and savings account, wealth, retirement plans and various other products and services. It is still operating as an independent bank and is stated in 11 southeast states. To run it online, here is a guideline to how to use the internet banking.

SunTrust Bank Online Banking Login

  1. Go to the link or the web page of SunTrust Bank – You need to connect your mobile phone or computer to the internet to access the online banking. Go to the web page ( or the link provided of the bank.
  2. To connect with the page, you need to fill in the ID and password. In case you don’t remember any of the above, no need to panic just click on forgot id/password and the bank’s page will provide you with a hint or may ask a security question.


To Login from a Computer/Laptop – You need to visit the page of a bank and type your user Id and password. If you are facing any difficulty regarding the id and password, you can follow the instructions below.

To Login from a mobile phone or a tablet – Everyone is active with their mobile phones or even a tablet as it is handy and very easy to carry. Operating a bank service through mobile, you need to install the application of SunTrust mobile banking app.

Once you login the personal details and get it verified, you don’t need to enter the id and password every time you login.

How to retrieve User Id and Password in case you forgot

If you have forgot your user id and password, follow the steps below-

  1. Visit the webpage of the SunTrust Bank.
  2. Go to the login section and click your user id and password.
  3. In case you have forgot both, then request a new one by clicking to forgot id/password.
  4. A pop up will appear to verify your identity. You need to get it verified by your SunTrust Bank’s debit card information or by answering the security question.
  5. Click the request option mentioned below.
  6. A message will appear to login again.
  7. You will be requested to renter your new password.


How to manage your SunTrust Bank account online

To run a smooth life and managing finance within minutes is convenient because of the upgraded technologies. The internet has changed the world upside down. It has saved the efforts of going to the bank even if you don’t want to go in that sunny weather or if you are too tired. You can simply sit at your couch and make a payment to your clients or even shop at your favorite outlet by paying online with the help of internet banking. You can do multiple tasks of the bank such as making payment, receiving payment, request for a loan, check your transaction history from the e-passbook and many more features. Managing the internet banking is not arduous task but you need to be careful so that you don’t attempt any blunder.

Here is a guide to manage your account online which will include all the benefits you will be getting by login into the bank’s webpage.

  1. Make payments – You can easily make payment to any account of any bank or even within the same bank by clicking to the appropriate option. You need to make sure that you know the recipient’s account number and IFSC code.
  2. Apply for a loan–You can apply for a loan through online banking. A loan can be personal, professional or for any purpose.
  3. Check your e-passbook –you can now check your transaction history and balance in your account. Go to the top left column and click to the option “check transaction history.”
  4. Receive payments – You can receive payments safely by giving them your account number and the country code of your bank. They will deposit in your account and you will receive a message of credit to your bank.

You can now enjoy all the benefits of online banking and save your time of going to the bank in person.


How to Contact SunTrust Bank in case of emergency

While accessing online banking or login, you might get stuck somewhere or might get into a trouble. You can immediately contact your bank’s manager or visit the bank branch. If you are unable to visit, here are few beneficial contact numbers for your help.

  1. Customer Service – xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Bank’s Helpline automated number (24 hours available)
  3. User Id or Password help

You can immediately contact on any of the numbers and ask for a help.


SunTrust Bank Review

An American based SunTrust Bank was founded in 1891. The headquarter of the SunTrust bank is located in SunTrust Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia. The bank was providing its respective services till September 2016 in 1400 branches and 2160 Automatic Teller Machines in Washington DC and southeastern states.

The major business of SunTrust Bank includes deposits, credit cards, lending services and trust & investment. The bank is staffed with 24000 employees. The bank was paid with $1.5 billion in 2013 to fix the claims of the poor mortgage lending and the foreclosure services.

It is one of the largest banks in U.S. which offers its customers a variety of products to maintain their finance on track. In case of savings for your retirement, you can borrow the amount from equity and open a checking account.

The SunTrust Bank satisfies its customers in all the manners be it customer services or financial products. If you are not a part of SunTrust bank, then you must turn up here to receive all the benefits and to gather the worthy customer service. You might not be satisfied with your current bank. So, visit the bank and open your account there. You will never regret.


There are several types of accounts in the banks. Every bank is different and provide various types of account to its customers. To save for later, to use currently and to maintain interests.


Checking Accounts

The SunTrust bank comes with four types of checking accounts which leads to provide amazing benefits to its clients. Each type fulfills different type of needs.

If you are a customer who plans to spend on a daily basis and is looking for benefits, this bank is an appropriate one for you. If you want to deposit directly to the bank and is looking to the option to manage your account then go and visit the SunTrust Bank and open a checking account with the starting deposit between $4 and $17.

The options which can be helpful in checking accounts are – EZ Checking, Solid Choice Banking, Everyday Checking, Student checking and Signature Advantage Banking. Every account of SunTrust Bank has a debit card. You can even login for free to use online internet banking no matter wherever you are in the world. Whether on a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone, you just have to have a well-connected internet to get login to your bank and avail the internet banking services.


SunTrust Savings Account

When the bank itself is becoming your backbone for those dreamy days where you have thought of buying your favorite car or maybe you have thought of joining some course online/offline, or for purchasing something you eagerly want to. The savings account of SunTrust Bank is a big-time support system for you. Isn’t it wonderful that you keep on saving even your small penny to the savings account of this bank and later on you can make it a purposeful purchasing?

Even for a down payment, you can start saving your money in SunTrust Bank which offers a deposit of minimum $100 to open a savings account. The savings account allows you to withdraw anytime you need and even provides interest to your deposits. You can even transfer money to anyone within or outside the SunTrust Bank.

There is an additional option of Automated Deposits in the savings account of SunTrust Bank.


Certificate of Deposits

You can turn your savings into a large-scale amount with this facility of Certificate of deposits. Through savings account, you can create a certificate of deposit of most trustworthy SunTrust bank which can make your savings multiple with the mentioned rate of interest. Every bank has different percentage of interest on CD.

The minimum amount to open certificate of deposit in the SunTrust Bank is $2000 without any monthly maintenance fee. You will get a fixed rate from starting of 7 days till 10 years.

Opening CD in this bank will reduce your stress for the future planning as your savings will keep on adding year after year and whenever you feel like getting all the amount, you can simply visit the bank and can avail your money.


Online Banking

As you have read above in this article about the concept of online banking, it is really appreciable to use this feature. Having online banking in this occupied world has become really convenient. You can skip visiting bank and make or receive payments online. We are too lazy to go to the bank and in case we need to check our balance or transaction history, we can login to the bank’s page and easily check. To manage online banking, you need to have an internet connection and just everything is sort it.


Benefits of SunTrust Bank

  1. Friendly Service – The customers of this bank have been satisfied with the service as this bank treat pretty well. Though it is small in size but many of its branches provide a good hospitality to its customers.
  2. Interest Rates –The SunTrust Bank gives quite a reasonable rate of interest on loans and mortgage services. There is various competition in the industry.
  3. Several Locations – The customers who are located in the south have no issues in visiting the bank. The bank has branched all over.
  4. Low Cost – The fees structure for various services are less than the others. This bank is reasonable and treat its customers like home.
  5. Emergency Contact – In case of emergency, you can directly contact in the bank or your main branch. The action will be taken on a sudden basis. There are various numbers provided in case of urgency.



To encapsulate the bank’s review, we would like you to know that this bank is relatively small in size but the fair they provide is reasonable and will help all the customers to deal well. Those who reside in the south and is looking for an appropriate bank to deal with, can opt for SunTrust Bank without giving a second thought.

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