SBI FASTag – How to Recharge Registration Online Fee Details

SBI FASTAG helpline, login, recharge, how to apply, balance enquiry you will get all the information from this page. FASTags are prepaid tags operated by the national highway authority of India (NHAI), and FASTags uses RFID, which is Radio Frequency Identification Technology, as its core technology.

FASTags are fixed on the windscreens of the vehicle, and this RFID technology helps to make toll payments from prepaid and savings accounts linked to it. 

As a result, stopping vehicles at toll plazas is an unavoidable circumstance. People can drive smoothly even without bothering about cash and its changes, time, etc.

National Highway Authority of India states that FASTags has unlimited validity, and cash backs are also provided. Now FASTags lanes are over 500 national and state highways, and it’s mandatory for all vehicles except two-wheelers to have FASTags from February 2021

India now has about 22 certified banks to provide FASTags. And the most significant public sector bank, the State Bank of India, is one among them. It has access to manage the FASTag account of the customers. 

Moreover, the tag can be available from tag issuers and is linked to a prepaid account; thus, you can recharge the card to use it continuously.

SBI FASTag is a rectangle-shaped and multilayered one with a size of 10×5 cm. It contains a chip and antenna and is made out of good-quality paper. About 346+ toll plaza is operational with FASTags across national highways.

FASTags can be used across all toll plazas under the National Electric Toll Collection (NETC) program. FASTag provides convenience and eases to transit through toll plazas which save fuel, time, and money. 

SBI FASTag Registration Online/Offline: How to do 

Getting FASTag for your vehicle is a straightforward process. You can apply for it either online or offline.

How to SBI FASTag registration – online: You can access the FASTag account through the official website of FASTag To get the credentials for accessing the account, you should follow the steps below:-

Step 1:- Find out any SBI Point of sale(pos) locations and take your vehicle, KYC documents, vehicle documents to the Sbi Point of Sale.

Step 2:- You will get an SBI FASTag application form, fill it and submit all relevant documents.

FASTag Application Form (registration form) 

SBI FASTag Application Form

Once you submit the application form and documents, your FASTag gets created, and thus PoS agent will affix the tag on the windscreen in your vehicle.

After registration, credentials for logins such as login id and password will send through your registered phone as SMS. 

This is FASTag registration for a car, bus, jeep, same, you don’t need to check separately.

SBI provides an application form to fill to get SBI FASTag. You should fill the form properly. The application form asks for personal details like name, maiden name, DOB, proof of identity details, contact details, vehicle details, declaration, etc.

Sbi Fastag Registration Charges 

Ans – 100 Rupees

SBI FASTag Registration offline

Look up your nearest PoS counter by visiting PoS agent. Visit there or any selected SBI branches. Carry your documents and vehicle. The agent will verify documents and fill your application form following the fixation of FASTag on your vehicle. 

SBI FASTag registration is the same for all states in India. The same rules will apply to Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.

Documents Required for SBI Fastag

When you go for registration for FASTag, we all have confusion about which type of documents are required for FASTag registration. To purchase a FASTag, you need to submit the following documents:-

  • Know Your Customer(KYC) document
  • Vehicle Registration certificate (original)
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (copy)
  • FASTag application form
  • Address proof:- voter id, passport, ration card, etc
  • Id proof
  • Recent passport size photo

And this submission of documents leads to the creation of an account.

SBI FASTag KYC Update Online Process

You can contact our Customer Care centre at 1800 11 0018, and Sbi customer care center executives will guide you to the nearest PoS location. So how to upgrade SBI FASTag wallet as a KYC customer is possible only through an offline method.

Note: SBI Fastag KYC can not be updated online. 

Customers get an account in one of the two categories:- 

  • Limited KYC holders account
  • Full KYC holders account.

Limited KYC holders account:- In this category, the SBI FASTag account cannot deposit more than 10,000/- at any point in time. The monthly reload limit is 10,000/- rupees only. 

Requirements: Minimum KYC details (as per Issuer bank policy), vehicle RC Copy, Photo of the customer.

Full KYC holders account:- In this category, the SBI FASTag account cannot have more than rupees 1,00,000 at any point in time. 

There is no monthly reload cap in this account.

Requirements: Full KYC details (as per Issuer bank policy), vehicle RC Copy, Photo of the customer.

How to Access the FASTag account 

Retailer Login

You can access your account at using the user id and password.

Agent Login

As same as the customer’s login, agents also have a different portal. The agent can access their portal from this link

SBI FASTag Recharge Online

  • First, you should visit the official website of FASTag, where you are asked to log in or sign up.
  • Subsequently, you can log in with your username and password, which is provided through SMS at the time of FASTag registration.
  • After that, you will redirect to a new page, and from the top of the page, select the ‘tag recharge’ option. You will be redirected to the next page.
  • On the redirected page, you can enter the amount that you want to recharge and clicks on the ‘pay now button.
  • And after the successful recharge, you will get an SMS notification to your registered phone number showcasing
  • all the details of the recharge.

Different methods to recharge the SBI FASTag prepaid account

Different payment methods are:-

  • Recharge by UPI ID
  • Recharge by SBI yono
  • How to recharge FASTAG through SBI net banking – open the Phonepe app, just click on the FASTAG number, click on the net banking option, and it will redirect to your bank page, and you can recharge your FASTAG easily. 
  • FASTag recharge by debit card – you can use your debit card details in the phone pe or Gpay app and can load the balance online. 
  • FASTag recharge by UPI apps like Paytm, Google pay, etc.

How to Recharge SBI FASTag Paytm

You can also recharge through Paytm but Paytm takes 20 minutes to recharge; however, if you have a balance in the main wallet of Paytm and not in the Paytm FASTag wallet, no need to recharge Paytm FASTag separately. The toll will get detected from the main wallet. 

The Paytm FASTag wallet always has a 200 inr minimum amount as reserved, and if you don’t have a balance in the main wallet, toll got deducted from Paytm FASTag wallet, so it’s very helpful in an emergency.

SBI FASTag Recharge charges 

The minimum recharge amount for FASTag recharge is 100 rupees. The maximum recharge amount is one lakh for the one who submitted KYC details and rupees 20000 who do not submit KYC details.

SBI FASTag Customer service 

  • Customers can contact the customer care center using the toll-free number 1800 110018. 
  • SBI help desk email
  • SBI FASTag KYC customer care number:- 1800 11 0018

SBI FASTag Complaint Registration

If you have any complaints regarding the process of FASTag, then no need to worry about it. Most importantly, FASTag has an online complaint registration facility and a dedicated team associated with NHAI to take care of customer complaints MORTH/NHAI has introduced 1033 as a helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at the toll plaza. customers can complain regarding-

  • Stopped at the plaza for a blacklisted reason even if it is not blacklisted
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza is not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza not supporting monthly pass insurance Any other applicable issue for FASTag

New Toll Plaza Rules for Sbi Fastag –

If you are also troubled by the long lines at the toll plaza despite having a FASTag in your vehicle, then there is great news for you. In fact, the National Highway Authority of India has issued a guideline.

 (NHAI Guidelines) that it should not take more than 10 seconds on a vehicle even during the peak time of vehicles. That is, it should not take more than 10 seconds for a vehicle to leave the toll plaza. 

However, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has said that after the implementation of FASTag, the congestion at toll plazas has come down significantly.

A yellow line will be drawn 100 meters away: A yellow streak has been ordered to mark the distance of 100 meters at all the toll points. This step has also been taken to create a sense of accountability among the toll plaza operators. 

SBI FASTag Blacklist Removal Process

FASTag blacklisted means it doesn’t have a minimum balance, and your fastag wallet does not have minimum 200 rupees balance as a reserve balance.

You may worry about how to activate blacklisted SBI FASTags. You can just add more than 200 rupees to your fastag wallet, and then your fastag account will be get activated and remove from the blacklisted zone. 

Suppose you want to go to Delhi from Haryana, and the toll tax is 300 rupees, so you have to add a minimum of 500 rupees in your fastag wallet, 200 rupees for minimum balance, and 300 rupees for toll tax. I hope it clears, so the main reason for blacklisted fastag is inadequate minimum balance.

And if you have an adequate balance, you can call the 1033 helpline number and can register a complaint in FASTag complaint cell. 

So this is the answer to many people who thinks about what to do if FASTag is blacklisted? This also answers the question of how to unblock SBI FASTAG.

SBI FASTag Charges for all types of vehicles

Sr. No. Vehicle Class No. Particulars Security Amount Minimum Balance
1 4 Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle 300 Nil
2 5 Light Commercial Vehicle 300 300
3 6 Three Axle Commercial Vehicles 400 300
4 7 Bus/Truck 400 300
5 12 4 to 6 axle 400 300
6 15 7 or More Axle 400 300
7 16 Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME) 400 300

SBI FASTag Grievance number

Center Phone number
Amaravathi (040) 23387350, 23387268
Bangalore 080) 25943126
Bhopal (0755) 2575226, 2575229
Bhubaneswar (0674)2600554, 2600682
Chandigarh (0172)4567120, 4567075
Chennai (044) 28308409, 28308488
Delhi (011)23407121, 23407227
Guwahati (0361)2237663, 2237513
Hyderabad (040)23466513,24751010
Jaipur (0141)2256326
Kolkata 91 3322489333, 9674710403
Lucknow (0522) 2295391, 2295392
Maharashtra (022) 26445626, 67514142, 67514137
Mumbai (022) 26445863, 26445864
Patna (0612) 2219469
Trivandrum (0471)2192666, 91 945701600

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

1) Is FASTag mandatory?

Ans- Yes, it is mandatory for all vehicles from 21 Feb 2021. 

Therefore not having FASTag in your vehicle may lead to a violation of road safety rules. As the Indian government had provided the deadline of affix fast at February 2021

2) How can I check my SBI FASTag balance?

Ans- You can follow the steps to check SBI FASTag balance enquiry:-

  • Visit the official FASTag website of SBI 
  • Login to the site using your credentials that is sign up using a registered mobile number, password and solving captcha
  • Choose the FASTag from the list if you have multiple tags 
  • Check the balance of the selected Tag.

3) What happens if I don’t have FASTag?

Ans- You need to pay double the charge applicable to the type of vehicle.

4) What is the validity of the FASTag?

Ans- SBI FASTag comes with validity or a guarantee of three years.

5) What should I do when my SBI FASTag is debited twice at toll Plaza?

You can resolve the issue by getting in touch with customer care. They will raise the query to the NPCL system and help you to resolve the matter.

6) What can I do when the RFID tag balance goes below the minimum required balance in the Tag?

Ans- You can add balance and can use online services like a debit/ credit card, internet banking, etc.

 7) How can I surrender my SBI FASTag, Or What is the FASTag surrender process?

 Ans- First, the tag holder should give a written request for closure of the Tag, and you should return the existing Tag along with it.

If the cancellation of Tag is due to its damage, the customer shall surrender the damaged one, a new tag will be issued, and you will be charged for a new one.

If the case is a matter of the death of the customer, legal hair can claim the refund amount and only be issued after the submission of the death certificate and relevant documents.

8) Can I use one FASTag for two vehicles?

Ans- No, you can’t, you should take two separate FASTag for two-vehicles

9) As an SBI FASTag customer, do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza?

Ans- Yes, you should use lanes that are specified for FASTag. The RFID Technology will only work on the demarcated lane. If you enter the cash-only lane, you need to pay cash.

10) What can I do if I have lost or damaged my FASTag, and what is the status of my balance in the Tag?

 Ans- you can apply for the new one, and the Bank will issue a new one. The balance amount will get linked and transferred to the new one.

11) How to FASTag recharge by UPI Id?

Ans- First, you can download any BHIM app from the Play Store and login and then come to the homepage Tap on the recharge option, enter the FASTag UPI ID that is VPA virtual payment address, and tap to verify

12) What are the FASTag recharge transaction charges?

Ans- Tag issuance fees:- 100 rupees for vehicles, and it also includes applicable taxes charging minimum security deposit amount for various types of vehicle ( refundable at the time of cancellation)

13) How to recharge FASTag through SBI or how to recharge through SBI YONO?

 Ans- As already mentioned in the article, you can recharge by accessing the official site and login in using a username and password. When you choose the option for recharge, there are many payment methods available, so you can choose anyone like SBI Yono or net banking. 

The process is the same for all methods for how to recharge FASTag through net banking also serves the same answer.

14) How to unlock SBI FASTag?

Ans – When your FASTag gets locked, you can call customer care and register the complaint. And they will unlock your Tag.

15) How to remove SBI FASTag from the blacklist?

Ans – To get over from them blacklist, you should recharge your fastag.

16) SBI FASTag forget the password & how to recover it?

Ans – You can use the forget password option on the login page, and you get a notification in the registered phone number regarding a new password.

17) How to change the registered mobile number in SBI FASTag?

Ans – You can connect with customer care and ask for change.

What is FASTag monthly pass process?

A monthly pass for a toll plaza will be issued at that particular Toll Plaza or the POS locations. If you are a registered tag holder, then you need to visit the toll Plaza. 

And request particular pass schemes. You need to pay for the selected pass. Once the payment is approved, the operator will activate the Tag.

Benefits of SBI FASTags

  • Ease of payment – Paperless payment decreases many complexities of carrying money in your wallet and the tension of giving changes in toll plazas.
  • Cashback – SBI Customers get cashback and relevant offers and thus encourage people to practice the use of FASTags.
  • Save fuel – Loss of fuel while stopping a vehicle is a major issue when it comes to toll plazas. Using FASTags leads to the non-stop movement of automobiles saving much fuel.
  • SMS alerts – FASTags have an SMS alert system, where the customers get SMS after each transaction, showing balance and also alert them if they have a low balance. So this seems like a very user-friendly approach to customers.
  • Online Recharge – Recharging of FASTags is now so easy that you can do it by yourself digitally using your phone. SBI has the facility for recharging FASTags through debit/credit cards, net banking, etc.
  • Validity – SBI FASTags have a validity of 2-3 years.
  • Customer portal – SBI provides a customer portal in which you can view your transaction history and balance.
  • Linking with an insurance policy – FASTags can be linked with insurance policy, helping customers not to carry the policy documents.

For the government, FASTags helps for the better management of highways, thus bringing up transparency in toll payment.

History of Fastag 

  • It was in 2014, the Indian government introduced FASTags, which is about six years ago. In conclusion, In this innovative technological world, people are always called to live in a smart way to become smart citizens of our country, and digital transactions and related procedures are never more a new custom in this world. Almost all people understand the use and benefits of digital payments and transactions. 
  • The complexity in dealing with cash payment makes people realize that cashless payment is important. The innovative idea of digital backup and payment at toll plazas helps citizens and government on the same wavelength as it provides trust and non-complexity. 
  • The long queues and waiting for toll payment is nevermore a Nightmare. Using FASTag can make you smarter as SBI always takes care of their customer’s expectations.
  • NHIA has successfully implemented 100% cashless tolling in February 2021. Overall, the availability of FASTag at toll points has reached 96 percent, and in many of these, it has reached 99 percent.

SBI has its complaint cell, customer care cell to help customers at every stage. The much easier registration process, recharge process all add points to FASTag. So use FASTag and drive more smartly. 

If you want to read more about other bank FASTAG details, then you can check out the website. 

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